December 6th, 2018

An “Amazing Race” Inspired Team-Building Activity Debuts in Bangkok

This thrilling team-building activity makes its way to Thailand! Based around adventure and discovery, this group activity encourages participants to work together to solve clues and unravel riddles while they discover the city of Bangkok and local delights.

New routes through Bangkok are being added to the program and it can be fully customized to align with specific company values. Each program starts with an in-depth introduction to explain the activity and rules. Then with a handbook, participants roam the city completing challenges and solving riddles (under local staff guidance) to move through the city onto the next clue. Any client ideas for special missions can be embedded to the program – in similar style to the hit-show, The Amazing Race.

Team members must utilize various skills to solve the mystery, connecting the storyline and following the case like a real detective. Final scores are calculated from the answer sheets, with a winner is announced at a designated location at the end of activity. All in all, the experience makes for an exhilarating, new way to experience and see the sights of Bangkok!