December 12th, 2017

After Devastating Fires, Northern Cali Wine Country is Open for Business!

The Northern California fires started October 8, 2017 and between the Tubbs, Nuns, and Atlas Peak fires 110,720 acres were destroyed, 6957 structures burned down, and 43 lives were lost. These devastating fires made for the deadliest and most costly natural disaster in California since the 1906 earthquake.

The areas most affected were Santa Rosa, Northern Sonoma Valley, and East and North Napa County. 

The good news is, the Wine Country is open for business! These areas that were most affected by the fires are not the areas where the majority of the hotels, wineries, restaurants, and attractions are concentrated. What the region truly needs is for meetings, events and tourism to continue to visit and meet here.  After the business of wine, tourism is the life blood of this region. And this will be one of the main platforms for rejuvenation of the affected areas.

In the Napa Valley – all areas from Napa in the south, to Calistoga in the north, are largely unaffected and ready for groups and visitors.  In Sonoma – the town of Sonoma, the surrounding areas, the Carneros Region, and the Valley of the Moon are also available for our groups. Any visible burns in the distant hills should show rejuvenation with the coming Winter and Spring. 

If you are interested in sending a gift or donation to those affected by the wildfires, the Tipping Point Emergency Relief Fund supports low-income, vulnerable communities impacted by the crisis.

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