June 7th, 2017

Cruising the Nile: Three Boat Styles are Available For All Group Sizes

The Nile cruise has been a permanent part of the Egyptian experience since the days of the pharaohs. The idea of enjoying a golden sunset over the West Bank of the Nile is a true incentive for many. It is the best way to see all the breathtaking scenes of Egypt, makes for an excellent entertaining program, and is equal parts luxurious and cozy so guests can experience the peaceful life along the river.

Choose out of three available Nile Cruise Styles:

Dahabiyas (Arabic for a golden boat) are wooden boats with cabins, propelled by two lateen sails. Furnishings are traditional yet luxurious, and there are usually a maximum of ten cabins on board. They make the journey from Luxor to Aswan slowly, typically taking six or seven days, and stopping at sites such as Jabal Silsilla and Al Qab, where the bigger boats can’t moor. A chef on board cooks fresh food bought daily from the markets and farmers along the river. Who do they appeal to? Those who want to travel in style, have privacy, and the ability to go wherever they want in their own time. 


Nile cruise ships range in size from a few cabins to 100 or more. Guests can have their own cabins and entertaining activities are arranged daily. All cruise ships provide guides to accompany passengers to the tour the sites on land, and some even have small libraries on board that house books on Egyptian history and culture.

Nile Cruise Ship

- Feluccas are simple, triangular-sailed boats, carrying between six and eight passengers. Sleeping arrangements are communal, with mattresses on the deck, and the captain and his crew take care of meals. Because they do not need special mooring sites, they can stop at small islands and get much closer to the ancient temples. Who do they appeal to? Eco-travelers and those with a sense of adventure who like authentic experiences and the chance to meet locals.