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About Emotionstore DMC

Founded 15 Years ago, Emotionstore DMC is part of Travelstore Group, and a full service Destination Management Company operating in Portugal Mainland, Madeira and Azores Islands. Our value and mission is about making a difference, creating lifetime memories, and helping meeting & event planners make the right choices within a country where diversity, hospitality and quality are probably the best words to describe it. With a single point of contact, we are able to provide the highest service levels, creating lifetime memories and making you and your guests a Portugal fan. Portugal Wow! The team is headed by Carla Andrezo, who has over 20 years experience in the DMC business. The teams’ passion is Portugal and their motto and inspiration is about making each program - regardless size or budget - a unique memory . The team's aim is to create lifetime memories and experiences. Life is 10 percent what you make and the rest is all about finding the right balance to take and feel it - life is a wonderful event and we love it.

What Makes Us Unique

Portugal is a new and surprising country, a country emerging from the young entrepreneurs, a country rich on traditions, charm and enchanting beauty and genuine hospitality, a diverse country which is daily re-invented; It is a new and modern Portugal that has created the perfect balance between history, cultural heritage and natural beauty with the latest modern consumption demand. Meet our young generation of top chefs restaurants, taste our unique “petiscos”, our gourmet flavors, try our top class boutique hotels, or listen to our contemporary Ffado, or enjoy Portugal’s world class surf spots. Our value and mission is to create an unforgettable experience and a lifetime experience for your group. With a single point of contact, local expertise, know how, we are able to deliver to show you the new Portugal that has risen. WOW!

What everyone is saying about Emotionstore DMC

"Thank you so much for your help with my team event. It was absolutely great! The Tuk Tuk was very nice. Nice weather, beautiful city, nice tour guides  and good questions. The best way to see the city in so little time...wouldn't have been such a success without your help."

- Manfred, Microsoft (The Netherlands)

"Thank you again, for all you and your team did to make the group tours a success. I look forward to working with you again! "

- Jannette Dilley, Group Travel Planner, Montrose Travel

"Just a big thank you for arranging our evening out last night. It was a great success and was a big hit with everyone - from the custard tarts onwards! Tiago was a great host and a very friendly and informative guide who obviously has a passion for his country. "

- Jan Cox, Johnson & Johnson


Diversity & genuine charm, an amazing excellent value destination for meetings & events – Wow! Portugal is unforgettable!

Portugal is a European country, but it stands both on the shores of the Atlantic, which softens its climate, and at the mouth of the Mediterranean, which marks its character. The main word to describe Portugal is diversity within short distance: from Portugal’s natural heritage and landscapes to its architecture and long history; from its gastronomy and wine to the popular arts, music and painting. Portugal is a country with a long history, and a rich and original culture opened to many influences. In the 15th Century, Portugal launched into the maritime adventures, giving Europe a gateway to the world, integrated a variety of cultures and customs. Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe with the same borders since the 13th Century, and has preserved its own identity over ages. It was the first European Country to build a vast empire from Malaysia and India to the coasts of Africa and Brazil, as well as a number of Atlantic Islands. Portugal is a country opened to modernity and the latest trends. The country offers quality, diversity and unique memories. Portugal is an unexpected good surprise – Wow!

Key areas around Portugal

  • Lisbon and greater Lisbon (Cascais & Estoril)
  • Porto City
  • Algarve Province
  • Madeira Island
  • Azores Islands

Why Portugal?

  • Excellent hotels – Portuguese and famous international hotel brands are opening brand new hotel properties, or renovating them. This makes Portugal appealing and diverse and keeps average room rates at a competitive cost.
  • Unique venues – Museums, historical monuments and castles, modern venues to private palaces or idyllic gardens or sandy beaches; there is a huge variety of unique choices for every budget and group size.
  • Affordable luxury – Catering, décor, unique production and entertainment - all combined with a unique venue, the local culture and an amazing memory. Luxury and quality are affordable in Portugal.
  • Diversity & proximity – one may drive across Portugal North to South in 5 hours or East to West in 3 hours. It is easy to explore and enjoy the Atlantic ocean views, the cultural diversity combined with a vibrant nightlife, events, and tasty food & wines.
  • Mild climate - Due to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal enjoys has a pleasant climate throughout the year. Although the temperatures may fall somewhat in the autumn and winter months, sunshine is almost always a constant feature.