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About iDesignMeetings-San Antonio

iDesignMeetings sees the importance of communication and creativity, and these values drive our close relationships with our clients. Be it a last minute request or a dreamy vision, we are dedicated to making our clients the happiest they can be while minimizing stress during their program. We view ourselves as an extension of our client’s company, and our team strives to execute each detail in a manner that makes our clients proud to work with iDesignMeetings.

What Makes Us Unique

As a boutique DMC, we pride ourselves in our ability to suggest more unique experiences for our clients, instead of proposing the same generic concepts that dominate our large market. Our specialized team also allows us to ensure that communication is quick and personal. Once you’ve established your point of contact with us, we won’t shuffle our clients around to other team members. Our clients rest easy, knowing that they receive a guarantee of dedicated staff that remain committed throughout the execution of the experience.

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