June 18th, 2019

New Wellness-Focused Offerings in Costa Rica

TAM Travel Corporation is now the official DMC and tour operator of Blue Zones Inc. for Costa Rica! What is a Blue Zone? A Blue Zone is a scientifically proven region in the world where people live the longest and the healthiest, even past 100 years. The regions include Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya peninsula, Costa Rica; Ikaria, Greece; and Loma Linda, California. There are 9 characteristics in common in all regions:

  1. Move naturally
  2. Know your purpose
  3. Down shift - meditate, nap, pray or enjoy a happy hour.
  4. 80 percent rule - It takes the stomach 20 minutes to tell the brain it is full, causing most people to accidentally overeat. Stop eating when 80 percent full.
  5. Plant slant - Eat a mostly plant-based diet heavy on beans, nuts and green plants. This is consistent with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s recommendations.
  6. Wine at 5
  7. Family first 
  8. Belong – finding faith-based community. Denomination doesn’t matter.
  9. Right tribe – social circles that support healthy behaviors

With these characteristics in mind, TAM Travel Corporation can now offer Blue Zone tours, and most important, Blue Zone-oriented incentive programs. Going as far as making the whole program Blue Zone-oriented, or as specific as incorporating a cooking lesson using food from Nicoya (which has a very rich variety of healthy foods), while living a bit of the farm-to-table process.

Other options include surfing, SUP Yoga, wood walks, meeting a local centennial, or “how-to” talks with national and international certified speakers to learn more about finding purpose, spiritual health, stress management, food-mood connection, and more. The wellness options are endless in the Nicoya Peninsula!

TAM Travel is also offering a new program called “Happiness Activation by Shanti”, a beautiful soul that has studied happiness in many fields for more than 20 years. This activation consists of meditation with the intent to discharge and recharge while connecting with yourself and others though Shanti´s guidance. It is designed to last from 30 minutes to two and a half hours and would be recommended for attendees to decompress before a gala dinner or after a long day of meetings or activities.

For additional questions about wellness offerings in Costa Rica and around the world, we are here to help! Please contact your Global DMC Partners Sales Advisor or info@globaldmcpartners.com.