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About Next Travel LTD

Next Travel Ltd. was established in 1990 and during the years received a respective and highly professional status within the business. With our specialties, we are arranging programs for large and small groups arriving in Finland either by sea or by air. We have a team of 5 professionals offering up to date tour ideas and complete programs. Our creativity and operating methods are highly appreciated by our clients and our motto is to deliver what we promise.

What Makes Us Unique

When you are in need of a professional, fast, effective and experienced DMC in Finland – choose Next Travel! Over the years, Next Travel has been proven to be a reliable partner who puts the clients' needs first and tailor makes all the programs up to the expected standard. Together with our excellent supplier connections, we guarantee high level service at all time, professional and helpful staff with up to date knowledge, which is key when creating a successful experience and that’s what we can offer for you!


Helsinki – the capital of Finland is easy to reach by air or sea. Distances are short, venues are modern and has the most modern technology. Here everything works fast and well.

Helsinki offers active life for all ages! You can feel safe in this city when walking down the streets, green parks welcomes you to enjoy a summer day outdoors, locals are friendly and helpful and most of the people have a great knowledge of the English language. Yu can eat fresh berries straight from the Market Square and drink fresh tap water wherever you go. You can consider Helsinki being a clean and fresh place to visit ! Looking for a nature orientated city with Scandinavian fresh, modern and high standard living style this all you can find in Helsinki!

Key areas around Finland

  • Helsinki
  • Turku
  • Tampere
  • Mariehamina
  • Rovaniemi
  • Kittilä
  • Kemi
  • Ivalo
  • Vaasa

Why Finland?

  • Reliable and safe country
  • Modern technology in meeting venues
  • Easy country to reach by air or by sea
  • Excellent quality of food
  • Helsinki is a compact city and therefore it’s easy to get around

What's new in Finland

  • Hotel Indigo (a Design Boutique Hotel in Helsinki) and Hotel Lilla Roberts (a New Boutique Hotel in Helsinki)
  • There are over 300 islands in Helsinki Archipelago, therefore Island hopping is a great way to explore it
  • Seurasaari Island offers an Annual June Midsummer Festive
  • Restaurant day takes place twice a year and offers street food around Helsinki and peoples homes
  • Sky Wheel in the city center offers great views over Helsinki all year round