December 14th, 2017

Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

Written by: Yolanda Carlo, Dragonfly Adventures DMC, A Global DMC Partner


Puerto Ricans never thought that Hurricane María would be as strong as it was, and nevertheless after being hit by Irma a few weeks before, our lives literally stopped. The ceilings that protected thousands of families vanished in ferocious winds. People were in shock and despair, we were heart broken. Suddenly, the happiness that distinguished us vanished. The exodus to the mainland was an average of one thousand a day in the first 60 days.

The light after the storm was seen as days went by when we found support in each other, neighbors who were strangers became friends. The sense of pride in rebuilding our Island of enchantment filled our hearts with strength and we, as a compatriots, have become stronger. Day after day, we go out with the mindset of rebuilding a better Puerto Rico for our children. The support and the help received from the world, but specially from our fellow US citizens has been endless. Countless acts of love and incalculable prayers have been a main blessing for our country.

Through the greatness of giving hearts much progress has been made. Supermarkets are now being restocked and there is no shortage of gasoline or diesel anymore. However, only 35% of the island has power. The work force is about 50% back to normal standards in some industries, but others are in despair.

As of today, we are grateful for all the help we've received, and we are still in need of many supplies. So all the additional help that can be provided is well received...we still have a lot of need for water, clothing, medical first aid and over the counter medical supplies, canned food, hygiene products, hygiene supplies for the elderly; pampers, bed mats, wipes, among many things. 

Dragonfly Adventures DMC has been able to impact over five thousand families with the great help provided by our clients and the priceless contributions and logistics through CitiIMPACT ministries. Yet still, there is a lot to be done.

A great entity that has supported Puerto Rico unconditionally is CitiIMPACT Ministries. Those who are interested in sending support or supplies can email JD Smith at, and reference Puerto Rico & Yolanda Carlo from Dragonfly Adventures DMC.

Or, provisions can be sent to Dragonfly Adventures DMC at the following address: 

Yolanda Carlo

Dragonfly Adventures DMC

PO Box 1468

Luquillo, P.R. 00773

Whatever we receive will be a blessing for someone! Our hearts have been filled with love and gratitude, thank you all.