Blue Chocolate DMC - Belgium

Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

About Blue Chocolate DMC - Belgium

Based in Brussels, Blue Chocolate is your local partner specialized in organizing corporate travels. Our top destinations benefit from our high-end expertise and we create tailor-made programs to fit perfectly with your requirements. We always look for new ideas, new trends to deliver innovative and creative solutions for your events.

What Makes Us Unique

Passionate and motivated, our international team is always ready for you on a journey and meets your highest expectations. We know that every detail counts and your satisfaction is our priority. Our only goal is to make your events a success and an unforgettable moment.


Isn't just about fries!

Located in the center of Europe, Belgium has a lot to offer to please everyone. Only 2.5 hours from Paris by train, this country has a rich history and strong culture: dive into a world of history, architecture, and delicious food.

Key areas around Belgium

  • Brussels
  • Ghent
  • Bruges
  • Namur
  • Antwerp
  • Liege

Belgium Highlights