Strategic Alliances


We’re more than just DMCs. As a result of client requests, we have expanded our services to better serve our client’s ever-growing program needs. Through the following strategic partners, we have solutions for your virtual events, entertainment, ground transportation, production, hotel needs, and more.

Associated Luxury Hotels International (ALHI) is the leading independent Global Sales Organization (GSO) serving the North American meetings and incentive marketplace for their Membership of over 250 luxury level hotels and resorts in 45 countries around the globe, plus an Alliance including 23 luxury cruise ships and DMCs located in over 500 destinations worldwide.  One call to an experienced ALHI Sales Professional connects meeting planners and executives with advocacy and sales assistance for their meetings, conventions and incentive programs. 

ALHI’s Global Luxury Alliance (GLA) was created to address the growing demand for international Meeting & Incentive programs by valued clientele. ALHI has strategically expanded their extraordinary portfolio of luxury hotels and resorts by partnering with key service providers, such as Global DMC Partners, to provide a broader range of M&I service and product options to our accounts. Each alliance member shares an affinity for quality and a passion for superior service focused on the M.I.C.E. business needs. 

ALHI’s services are funded by their Members’ dues and provided at no cost to the meeting planner.  For 30 years ALHI has provided GSO services with distinctive properties, authentic experiences and proven service.




Balti Virtual is a full-service software studio located in Baltimore, MD that is focused on building amazing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences for any and all events. With their growing team of 3D experts, they are uniquely positioned to create state-of-the-art AR and VR technology for every experience imaginable. Capture your event goer’s attention with interactive invitations or badges and free yourself from the limitations of floor space with AR photo booths of virtual celebrities or custom scavenger hunts. Balti Virtual will work with you to create the newest viral sensation for your event with the use of this technology. With clients ranging from Marvel to Hallmark, Kawasaki to the Harlem Globetrotters, Balti Virtual can help make virtually any AR/VR dream a reality.

If your organization hires speakers for live, virtual, or hybrid events, our partner JB Events can find just the right speaker for your event and your budget. With over 30 years of experience working for corporate and non-profit organizations, speaker selection and program development are Judy Benjamin's passions and expertise. Judy has researched, vetted, and hired thousands of speakers for conferences, seminars, workshops, teambuilding events, and keynotes. Let her experience and expertise work for you so you can spend your valuable time and resources elsewhere. 


One Chance Media is a brand and agency partner that provides live and virtual digital activations. These services help brands and organizations more effectively engage and interact with their target audience by creating memorable and exciting experiences.

We believe that there are no do-overs in the event industry, so we make sure your event is right the first and only time it executes.

Learn more about our 25+ different service offerings by clicking here

We service live events across the country and can execute virtual activations around the globe. Our work revolves around cool and interactive technology related experiences, with a focus on unique photo, video, and customization station activations. 



Music is the universal language. It will help you emotionally connect with your audience. Through our strategic partnership with SongDivision, Global DMC Partners is able to bring your events to life with music, anywhere on the planet!

Since 2003, leading organizations such as Microsoft, Pfizer and PwC have called on SongDivision to engage, entertain and educate their people in over 20 countries. Groups from 10 to 10,000+ write and perform original songs with musicians who’ve worked with the likes of Prince and Taylor Swift.

SongDivision's founder Andy Sharpe describes this strategic partnership as a perfect fit. "Global DMC Partners demand the best for their clients all around the world, and we’re in a unique position to deliver it to them. With teams across the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific, SongDivision provides high quality, customized programs that combine local expertise with over a decade of international experience.  We love the creativity, passion and professionalism of the GDP team and we’re thrilled about this strategic partnership with them.”

SongDivision Services:

  • Team Building – Song Slam
  • Team Anthem
  • Keynotes
  • Rock & Roll Game Show
  • Lip Sync Battle & Live Band Karaoke
  • Entertainment


People are the core of the meetings & events industry. The strategic partnership between Soundings Connect and Global DMC Partners provides customers access to a trusted network of more than 600 freelance professionals with the experience and expertise to support every aspect of meetings & events.  

Soundings Connect is an all-in-one resource that enables customers to easily connect with highly skilled and specialized talent. With a people-first ethos, Soundings Connect saves time and eliminates unnecessary costs associated with searching for and on-boarding talent.

In addition, Soundings Connect is helping to solve for Covid-related challenges that have greatly affected meeting & event professionals and the customers they serve. Through the Soundings Thrive platform, every freelancer gains ongoing access to education and community so that our talent remains ready and agile to meet new and changing demands.

Examples of Freelance Talent Include:

  • Virtual Event Consultants
  • Webcast Producers
  • Virtual Moderators
  • Virtual Event Producers
  • Meeting & Events Consultants

With more than 100 years of collective experience, Total Brand Experience (TBX) uses its expertise to deliver brand experiences that inspire growth, change, and action, help companies define the bar by which similar entities are measured, design customer engagements that build mindshare and community, and develop contextual environments in which to immerse customers and partners—whether digital, hybrid, or live.

Leveraging a diverse portfolio of events its team has worked and with deep experience on both agency and client sides, TBX understands the event journey from creative and strategy straight through to flawless execution and can serve in the capacity to handle events holistically or to provide support where needed within an existing event organizational team. The company’s rare blend of intuition, creativity, understanding, and flexibility assures a client of a transparent and viable partnership resulting in relevant and memorable corporate and customer experiences.

Incentive tracking is a crucial step in running an incentive program. Unless participants know how well they are progressing toward their goal, they have no opportunity to increase their performance. Incentivize your team using challenges, leaderboards, dynamic notifications, and instant recognition to create a high-performance culture. Or simply reward one or thousands of employees with points to redeem for digital gift cards or any gift you want.

Yesimo's incentive and rewards platform will help your team achieve stellar results through awareness, communication and rewards. Leader boards, progress bars, badges, and dynamic notifications ensure participants can track where they stack against others at all times. You decide how many points participants receive every time they exceed a target. Participants use those points in exchange for gifts that you select from Yesimo's online catalog. Choose from a wide selection of gift cards or gifts to reward your teams.

Yesimo for Teams

  • Performance in real-time
  • Progress toward incentives at their fingertips
  • Dynamic email notifications
  • Gamification-like experience
  • Instant rewards via email
  • Hundreds of gift options

Yesimo for Managers

  • Team sales performance in real time
  • Incentive performance and insight
  • Easy to manage employee recognition