DMC Nordic - Denmark


About DMC Nordic - Denmark

DMC Nordic is a full-service destination management company, with local staff and established offices throughout the Nordics and the Baltic region. More than 37 years of outstanding destination management have taught us that we can only amaze our guests by always pushing the envelope of what’s expected. We customize the best possible experiences at our destinations for our clients, always delivered with a personal touch, passion, dedication and great local knowledge.

What Makes Us Unique

Others do what we do, WE DO IT DIFFERENTLY! At DMC Nordic we are vibrant and get excited every time! We don’t just stop at meeting our clients’ expectations… because, really, what’s exceptional about that? We always seek to wow ourselves because we know this is how we wow our clients! Sometimes we may get a little bit crazy, but we always guarantee a personal touch, that is what makes the experience different and will remain memorable long after our clients visit to our destinations.

What everyone is saying about DMC Nordic - Denmark

"Many thanks again for your incredible assistance and the allocation of a wonderful team during our trip to Copenhagen. Us and our guests were more than happy! Whenever we come back we will faithfully get in touch with you. "

- Anna Winther - Project Manager, Perlenfischer GmbH & Co

"The dedication the team showed to customer service and delivery was simply, outstanding. They are a true partner and an extension of our brand. Whenever there was a situation, we were not sure of or, were hesitant about…you had our back! "

- Laurie Beckerman, Senior Sales Director, Wynford, Canada

"It was a pleasure to have a team on the ground that was extremely well versed, understood our as well as our client goals and objectives, was passionate and always did what was needed with a smile on their face! "

- Jay Weidner, Managing Partner from OTS in Chicago

"You have been a pleasure to work with from arranging the site inspections, during the pre-event, right through to the event and you have been paramount to the success of the event. "

- Jadene Cook - Event Executive, CAPITA UK

Industry Involvement and Awards


Whether you want to indulge in timeless Danish design, spoil your foodie soul with pioneering New Nordic Cuisine or just want to get a taste of that effortless Copenhagen-cool lifestyle, this is the “it” destination for you!

Discover Northern Europe’s capital of the cool! This buzzing capital masterfully blends royal history, modern architecture with sustainable living and a delicious restaurant scene. Immerse yourself into countless ways of having fun and going green at the same time by embracing cycling-mad culture, eating New Nordic food or swimming in clean harbors… It's all about having a great time!

Key areas around Denmark

  • Copenhagen
  • Elsinore (Helsingør)
  • Roskilde
  • Aarhus
  • Odense
  • Aalborg
  • Esbjerg
  • Silkeborg
  • Rønne (Bornholm)

Why Denmark?

  • This compact and convenient country is full of amazing experiences and surprises. When visiting Denmark, you will get a unique opportunity to understand why Danes always rank in the very top of the World’s Happiest People.
  • There is something so relaxing about wandering a pretty old place where time stands still. Denmark has quite a few of those. Each has a unique charm and special atmosphere, away from the bustle of everyday life.
  • Walk through Danish history and the homes of the Danish Royal Family at stunning castles in Denmark. Get up close to the Danish crown jewels at Rosenborg Castle or act out your best Hamlet impression at Kronborg Castle.
  • Copenhagen’s food scene is ever evolving and should be in the very top of any self-respecting foodie’s bucket list. Come on in and discover the future of food!
  • Explore wonderful countryside, peaceful coastal paths, not to mention city routes in Copenhagen, one of the best biking cities in the world. Cycling checks all the boxes: local, sustainable and above all fun!

What's new in Denmark

  • Bella Arena with room for 7,000 seated guests opened in Copenhagen in 2021. With this new extension Bella Center Copenhagen becomes Northern Europe's largest meeting, conference, and event venue.
  • The Nordic region's largest urban farm opened in Copenhagen. Øens Have is a green urban farm, an organic restaurant, a place for memorable events and a habitat for a great diversity of life.
  • Copenhagen city is getting floating park of wooden Islands - each built for a specific activity such as floating saunas, floating sail-in cafés, floating gardens and mussel farms, and much more!
  • Copenhagen got a new sustainable neighborhood - Nordhavn, where sustainability is ever present in everything from urban planning and architecture to consumption, energy, and green livability.
  • Copenhagen is UNESCO World Capital of Architecture in 2023 City will be hosting the UIA World Congress of Architects in 2023, with 15,000 delegates attending.