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About Emotionstore Events & Incentives

Founded over 15 years ago, Emotionstore is the event and incentive management unit of the Travelstore Group that designs and implements all types of corporate events, incentive trips, meetings, congresses and conferences. Through creative and innovative strategies aligned with the vision of each client, we handle everything from A to Z, Portugal Mainland, Madeira and Azores Islands.

What Makes Us Unique

Our value and mission is about making a difference, creating lifetime memories, and helping meeting & event planners make the right choices within a country where diversity, hospitality and quality are probably the best words to describe it. With a single point of contact, we are able to provide the highest service levels, creating lifetime memories and making you and your guests a Portugal fan.

What everyone is saying about Emotionstore Events & Incentives

"Thank you so much for your help with my team event. It was absolutely great! The Tuk Tuk was very nice. Nice weather, beautiful city, nice tour guides  and good questions. The best way to see the city in so little time...wouldn't have been such a success without your help."

- Manfred, Microsoft (The Netherlands)

"Just a big thank you for arranging our evening out last night. It was a great success and was a big hit with everyone - from the custard tarts onwards! Tiago was a great host and a very friendly and informative guide who obviously has a passion for his country. "

- Jan Cox, Johnson & Johnson

"Thank you again, for all you and your team did to make the group tours a success. I look forward to working with you again! "

- Jannette Dilley, Group Travel Planner, Montrose Travel


Diversity within short distance: from Portugal’s natural heritage and landscapes to its architecture and long history; from its gastronomy and wine to the popular arts, music and painting. Portugal is an unexpected good surprise!

Portugal is a European country, but it stands both on the shores of the Atlantic, which softens its climate, and at the mouth of the Mediterranean, which marks its character. The main word to describe Portugal is diversity within short distance: from Portugal’s natural heritage and landscapes to its architecture and long history; from its gastronomy and wine to the popular arts, music and painting. Portugal is a country with a long history, and a rich and original culture opened to many influences. In the 15th Century, Portugal launched into the maritime adventures, giving Europe a gateway to the world, integrated a variety of cultures and customs. Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe with the same borders since the 13th Century, and has preserved its own identity over ages. It was the first European Country to build a vast empire from Malaysia and India to the coasts of Africa and Brazil, as well as a number of Atlantic Islands. . Portugal is a country opened to modernity and the latest trends, offering quality, diversity and unique memories.

Key areas around Portugal

  • Lisbon
  • Porto
  • Alentejo
  • Algarve
  • Azores Islands
  • Madeira Islands

Why Portugal?

  • Easy International access: Daily flights from all European capitals, North & South America, Africa and The Middle East.
  • Tasty cuisine and wines: Mediterranean cuisine at its best and worldwide known chefs. All that with probably the one of the best wines In the world!
  • Diversity within short distance: Being a small country and with excellent road access, you can easily and in a very short time, be next to the ocean or in the mountains or in the interior part of the country.
  • Excellent Value for Money: Even though we are one the hippest destinations in Europe, Portugal still has very competitive rates, with great hotels, venues and quality of service.
  • Historical heritage: More than 900 years of History and the tradition of welcoming people to our country for centuries!

What's new in Portugal

  • 2021 will see 16 Portuguese launches in total, adding 2,120 rooms to the nation’s offering. Five of these properties are already in the pre-opening phase.
  • In 2022, another 11 hotels with 1,980 rooms will open their doors. Seven projects are due for completion in 2023, moreover, while eight are on the books for 2024 and beyond.
  • Of Portugal’s 42 pipeline projects, just under 75% will be in the four-star category. The rest will fall into the five-star luxury segment.
  • Lisbon gained 76.5 km of cycle paths during the pandemic, now totaling 181.5 km of cycle paths.
  • Portugal adds to its portfolio, two new Michelin Star restaurants, “100 Maneiras” and “Eneko”. Both located in Lisbon.
  • Portugal opens the world's largest pedestrian suspension bridge; A 516 meter long structure is located in Arouca, in the north of the country, inside a park. The 'Arouca 516' is suspended 175 meters above the Paiva River.