Furlong Incoming Uruguay

Argentina, Uruguay

About Furlong Incoming Uruguay

Furlong Incoming Uruguay, sister company to Furlong Incoming Argentina, is led by the Zirolli Family under expertise of Andrea Cambón who has over 15 years of experience in the travel industry. At Furlong we take pleasure in being ambassadors of our destinations and to create wonderful and unforgettable memories for those who visit us either for business or pleasure. We operate with the same philosophy that we adopted since our beginning: "Travel far and wide in search of the most creative incentive travel experiences, seeking the highest levels of performance". Our hallmark – Not just a trip, but a boundless experience.

What Makes Us Unique

Our strong values make us unique! Innovation, sustainability, team work, quality, transparency, and flexibility - we embrace the changing and challenging environment and demands of the industry in order to offer the best experience to our clients. We are constantly creating new experiences for our clients and thinking of out-of-the-box activities, so every experience is different from another. We just love a good challenge!

What everyone is saying about Furlong Incoming Uruguay

"Firstly, a massive thank you! We can truly say you are the best DMC we have ever had dealings with. Your professional approach & organization skills made us feel completely at ease throughout the duration of this event. Your team of superstar guides were incredible & the best we ever had."


"We would like to take this opportunity to thank your and your team for your superb job you have done during the event and especially during the site inspection trip. Your efforts assisted greatly in maintaining the high standards that the members of the top-club have to come to expect."


"So great to work with you all again too … thank you for your partnership, you all were fantastic (as always)!"


"I want to thank you again for the absolutely DIVINE program you created for us – it was terrific from beginning to end – I will definitely be back and we will use this itinerary for future groups, it is a stunner. The group was so amazed at how you had done it and they felt like royalty."


Industry Involvement and Awards


The key to Uruguay’s charm lies on its simplicity: A small, safe and secure country that is not overcrowded, has friendly inhabitants, amazing sunsets, and 410 miles of coastline.

Uruguay is a traditionally democratic and culturally cosmopolitan community, and known for its food and wine, beaches, wide open spaces, the countryside, history and music. Uruguay offers an ideal surrounding for MICE activities, not only in its capital city Montevideo, but also in Colonia – Unesco World Heritage Site - and Punta del Este – famous for its beaches. The country’s short distances and good roads leave the possibility of having everything at hand including multiple entertainment options and activities to suit even the busiest work schedules. Safety, first-level professionals, and cutting-edge technology are just some of the comparative advantages of the MICE development in Uruguay. Locations for meetings in events has increased as well, with the inauguration of two major convention centers, one in Montevideo (Antel Arena) and another in Punta del Este (Centro de Convenciones de Punta del Este).

Key areas around Uruguay

  • Montevideo
  • Punta del Este
  • Colonia
  • José Ignacio
  • Carmelo

Why Uruguay?

  • Safety and security. Uruguay always ranks in the highest positions in Latin America for democracy, low corruption, prosperity, and best place to live, among others.
  • Short distances. The size of Uruguay’s territory gives the possibility to visit several places within a short period of time. Beautiful ancient wineries, countryside experiences and amazing beaches are located only a few minutes away from major cities.
  • Gastronomy. For a country that has four cows per inhabitant, it is not a surprise that many dishes involve meat, and specifically beef. A typical Barbeque (Asado) paired with the country’s award-winning wines is a must when visiting.
  • Culture. Countryside is part of Uruguay’s identity and so are the gauchos, natives who live in the countryside and work with cattle.
  • You won’t want to miss the country with the longest Carnival of the world! From the beginning of January it runs all the way to mid-March. Over the course of over 50 days, lively and colorful parties fill the streets with joy in every neighborhood.

What's new in Uruguay

  • New Costanero MC Gallery Hotel in Montevideo’s promenade
  • Garzón Winery ranked for the third consecutive year in the World’s Best Vineyards ranking.
  • Avianca resumed its flights to Montevideo after their suspension due to Covid in February 2020. Also, Chilean Jetsmart recently started to connect Montevideo and Santiago, Chile.