June 4th, 2018

GDP Client, Cheryl Payne, Shares Her Experience in Stockholm, Sweden!

Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Stockholm, Sweden with my friends from Global DMC Partners. I was excited about this trip to learn more about the destination, but also to develop relationships with my Global DMC Partners team as well as their colleagues abroad. 

Cheryl M. Payne, CMP, CMM, Meeting Sites Resource

I arrived at the Stockholm airport and was immediately impressed with how easy it was to maneuver through the airport like an old travel pro. The airport was clean and the attendants at the airport were very friendly. 

Upon our arrival to Stockholm, our group quickly hopped on a bus to explore the city. Our first stop was the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel & Conference Centre. I was extremely impressed with the hotel and the amount of space that the center/hotel could offer my groups. As a seasoned planner, I know just how difficult it can be to find large spaces in Europe and so this hotel and conference center will be sourced on my next RFP.  The rooms were nice/clean and the hotel was in overall great condition.  There are also many great overflow hotels nearby. 

I can agree with the phrase that Stockholm is the “World’s Smallest Big City,” because I got this impression while driving through the many islands and the city. Each island was seemingly large – yet quaint at the same time. The city was filled with beautiful and unique buildings and exquisite architecture…all while surrounded by water!

During our city tour in Stockholm, we visited Stockholm City Hall where the annual Nobel Prize banquet is held. The walls were dressed with gold-plated mosaic tiles. It was absolutely stunning and definitely a site to see!  

Another highlight of the trip was getting to see the old Swedish Warship at the Vasa Museum. The Swedes built this ship in the early 1600’s to symbolize power, but it was so large and heavy that it sank. The size and magnitude of this ship is so large that it was quite spectacular to see in person. The Vasa Museum also hosts many group events (which range in size), and seems perfect for a group reception or dinner. 

I must say that the food in Sweden was quite exquisite. I did not have a bad meal during my exploration of the city. I think that the Swedes take great pride in their culinary offerings as well as the display of their food. I was thoroughly impressed with the food offerings and would go back just to eat some more Swedish Meatballs!

Next up on our visit was a day of adventure! Global DMC Partners arranged for our group to go speed boat riding in the Archipelagos of Stockholm!  The speedy, bumpy boat ride was quite exhilarating!  We managed to reach speeds of up to 70 mph…it was GREAT!  I would highly recommend this activity for the thrill seeker enthusiast or teambuilding as there was also a fun trivia game that we played together while onboard. The speed boat team was also very professional and knowledgeable of their craft. 

I went exploring during my free time in the city. I wandered the streets of Stockholm and came across the Palace and “Old Town". The cobble stoned streets paved way for a unique and ancient landscape.  The scents in the city were of fragrant fruits and freshly baked breads or croissants. It was amazing! I loved modern day shopping in the old town of Stockholm!

I would be remiss if I did not mention the hotel that we stayed at in Stockholm. The Nobis Hotel, Stockholm is a modern/luxury type property. The Nobis Hotel is a place to be and be seen. Their uniquely modern hotel and exquisite restaurant selection draws people from all over the world. Dining in Noi (their high-end dinner restaurant) was elegant and tasteful! Although, they are not a large hotel, they do offer unique spaces throughout the hotel for small/executive level meetings. 

Additionally, along with so many other great venues and hotels, we saw The Grand Hotel in Stockholm. What a beautiful hotel! This iconic hotel overlooks the Royal Palace and Old Town. This hotel is classic in style and has exceptional space for almost any group size. The guestrooms were also larger than most. 

The nightlife in Stockholm is fun to experience. The culture and people in Stockholm are very friendly and relaxed. It was fun to be amongst the crowds in Stockholm as we got to meet and talk with locals. The Swedes love and appreciate their beautiful city and it is no wonder they call Sweden one of the happiest places to live in the world :)

Global DMC Partners & DMC Nordic went above and beyond to make our time in Stockholm unforgettable. I would feel confident with allowing DMC Nordic to work with any of my groups. 

All in all, I will never forget my first visit to Stockholm! Experiencing the city with a first-class group of colleagues made this trip truly memorable. 

My perception of Stockholm was completely changed during my visit. Before visiting Stockholm, I thought it was a small/quaint town. However, now after leaving Stockholm, I believe it to be a vibrant city (with a small-town vibe) and a place to be and experience only the BEST in class! 

-Author: Cheryl M. Payne, CMP, CMM, Meeting Sites Resource