August 22nd, 2016

Global DMC Partners Focuses on Standardization at Annual Peer Exchange

Global DMC Partners, the meeting professional’s one worldwide solution for global event success, hosted their annual Peer Exchange in Dallas, TX from August 7-9, where the partnership collectively worked on the network-wide initiative to finalize a standardized Global DMC Partners (GDP) Crisis Management Template, GDP Contract and GDP Proposal for all DMC members. 40 DMC attendees spent the two-day forum teaming up to brainstorm on ways to enhance their individual DMC operations and GDP network-wide operations through standardization. Catherine Chaulet, President of Global DMC Partners, says,

“Our top goal is to ensure our clients receive a seamless experience with Global DMC Partners no matter what destination they are going to. Our DMC Partners play a critical role in guaranteeing this goal is met, so their ideas and feedback are also vital in developing a standardized GDP Contract, Proposal and Crisis Management Template.”

During Peer Exchange, breakout groups shared real-life experiences and reviewed crisis management documentation to develop a thorough and comprehensive GDP Crisis Management Template. This templated approach ensures that all steps and actions are outlined, and at the same time, it allows DMCs and clients to customize the plan according to the specifics of the event – like emergency contacts, communication flow, and meeting points.

Another session focused on proposals, where the DMCs reviewed Customer Advisory Board feedback and discussed ways to standardize areas of a DMC proposal. The network’s goal in creating a standardized GDP Proposal is to ensure all clients’ needs are systematically answered without sacrificing the creativity a DMC can add to a proposal. 

Finally, also based on recommendations from their Customer Advisory Board, the network finalized their standardized GDP Contract. This new document will simplify and speed up the contracting phase for clients and their organizations, ultimately making it easier for them to work with the Global DMC Partners network.

 “Standardizing these three crucial phases of meeting planning – sourcing, contracting, and crisis planning – across our partnership will streamline these typically painful processes for our clients, ultimately making their lives easier,” says Chaulet. “No other DMC alliance out there has standardization across the board, like we do, so we are extremely excited about our new offering.”