June 25th, 2020

Global DMC Partners Outlines New Health & Sanitation Standards, Helping the Meetings Industry Get Back to Business

Network of independent DMCs and creative event experts sets the bar, implementing new benchmarks worldwide

A recent survey conducted by Global DMC Partners (GDP) found that while many live events are pivoting to virtual this year, virtual is not considered to be a long-term replacement for face-to-face programs. Live events and hybrid solutions continue to be in high demand. To help clients, attendees and stakeholders meet safely and effectively together in person, GDP has tapped its global network of independently owned destination management companies (DMCs) and creative event experts to develop and commit to new Health & Sanitation Standards, ensuring a clean, safe and comfortable experience for all.

“As in any crisis management situation, the DMC’s role is to support and help the planner execute their policies and procedures. Today, DMCs play a more vital role than ever before, serving as local, on-the-ground experts with detailed knowledge on government rules and legal requirements,” said Global DMC Partners President & CEO Catherine Chaulet. “This new roadmap of what our DMCs can offer is just a starting point to building a personalized health and sanitation plan for each program. This safeguards not only the program’s success but also the long-term health of our industry, our people and our communities.”

As a part of the new Health and Sanitation Standards, all GDP DMCs have committed to the following principles:

  • Follow, at a minimum, all local and country ordinances
  • Work with vendors that commit to meeting health, safety and sanitation requirements
  • Work with the client to implement their specific requirements, within legal limits and abilities, as it relates to cleanliness and sanitation
  • Have a health and safety plan in place with all vendors to ensure compliance
  • Provide clients with their health and safety plan, which includes details on their vendors’ health and safety protocols and processes

All GDP DMCs will be able to propose and provide pricing for the following items as needed:

  • Hand sanitizers (individual or stations)
  • Masks (plain or branded)
  • Gloves
  • Temperature check equipment
  • On-site medical checks
  • COVID-19 testing options/availability

GDP’s Health and Sanitation Document provides further details on each of the following areas:

  • DMC employee and on-site staff management, such as ongoing training, temperature checks and the wearing of masks
  • Transportation such as sanitation protocols, reduced capacity options, staggered loadings and the use of seat dividers
  • Catering and restaurants such as alternatives to buffets, seating arrangements, outdoor seating options and extra sanitation measures
  • Meeting room set-up such as updated floor plans, staggered registrations, registration barriers and electronic waiver alternatives
  • Hotels and venues such as recommending spaces that offer social distancing options, touchless solutions and enhanced health and sanitation protocols
  • Tours and activities such as adjustments to meet socially distant requirements and tour guides using safe and appropriate socially distant practices

For a copy of GDP’s full Health and Sanitations Standards, please visit https://globaldmcpartners.com/gdphealthandsanitation.