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Iceland & Greenland

About HL Adventure - Greenland

Founded in the year 2000 and with our first-hand knowledge of the local scene, we offer ground arrangements for any kind of event. Our main operating territories are Iceland, Greenland, Antarctica and the North Pole. The team will provide detailed proposals and original itineraries. Providing event professionals with innovative ideas to present as a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your attendees visiting the Northern hemisphere. Team HL Adventure - Turning wild ideas into real adventures.

What Makes Us Unique

As the company is founded by an explorer, the hands-on experience we have is hard to compare. We explore the island and its breathtaking nature both as professionals and in our free time with our family and friends. This gives us experience that leads to creating out-of-the-box adventures. This knowledge has been very useful in event planning, as no detail is too small when organizing a gourmet gala dinner or a brilliant party in an art museum. But more than that, we always see ourselves as a partner with the client, working together to make sure that the client has a once in a lifetime experience and a story to tell.


Greenland is the world’s largest island and it is an exciting destination in the Arctic for all adventure-minded travelers.

Glaciers are not an unusual sight in Greenland due to the gigantic ice sheet that covers most of the country. However, there are only a few places where the glaciers occur immediately adjacent to a town, and therefore can be appreciated on an excursion.

Key areas around Greenland

  • Ilulissat
  • Nuuk
  • Kulusuk

Why Greenland?

  • Icebergs are majestic natural works of art heading out to sea. These sculptures that are up to 100 meters high are a formidable sight and are best seen in the summer.
  • Greenland’s National Park, which is the largest in the world, is a vast Arctic paradise. It is home to an incredible range of wildlife and most spectacular scenery.
  • Let the Northern Lights remind you of the seemingly infinite beauty in Greenland. The best time to see the Northern Lights is on a dark, clear autumn or winter night.
  • Arctic temperatures and several meters of snow are no match for the natural impressions and cultural twist that will warm your soul while dog sledding in Greenland.