Horizon Travel S.A.


About Horizon Travel S.A.

Horizon’s reputation for excellence is based on over 65 years of experience operating all over Greece. A keen understanding of the MICE industry helps us design and coordinate exciting and rewarding programs. Our team, composed of 25 full-time, qualified, multilingual members, puts all of its resources to work to exceed clients’ expectations. Horizon’s lengthy catalogue of endorsements is a result of our experience, creativity, quality, efficiency, and reliability.

What Makes Us Unique

Horizon’s team always looks for new products and activities, and we are considered a pioneer in our industry for our innovative, creative ideas. Over the years, we have created a long list of successful events that our competition has sought to imitate. Furthermore, we are well-respected by our suppliers for being financially stable and honest and for always meeting our supplier financial commitments; thus assuring us of the utmost in supplier trust, buying power, and cooperation.

What everyone is saying about Horizon Travel S.A.

"Thanks to all who contributed to making our conference such a huge success. We have had loads of compliments. And what can I say about the final evening? I nearly cried when I walked up the red carpet – let alone when I walked in and saw all those candles. "

- Lynn Cugulliere, Grant Thornton - UK

"We have collected our guests’ feedback in the meantime and – no surprise, as we already stated numerous times in the course of our event – our event was a big success. It was stated very often that organization and logistics went perfectly smoothly. The biggest portion of this compliment is yours! "

- Marina Schaefer, QIOPTIQ, Excelitas Technologies, Germany

"Your suggestions to hold the final dinner at the velodrome were what clinched it for me and made me go with you as our DMC! Nobody else had suggested the velodrome, and once we saw it, we were hooked. It has been wonderful working with you and I hope we have the chance to do so again one day."

- Lynn Cugulliere, Grant Thornton - UK

"It was great to work with you! As already said, I will take any future opportunity to work with you again."

- Marina Schaefer, QIOPTIQ, Excelitas Technologies, Germany

"I am a bit sad the project is over because it was so nice working with you. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to work again in the very near future. I will promote Greece to all my clients!"

- Jolanda Sanders, ATPI Corporate Events, The Netherlands

"I wanted to formally thank you in writing for outstanding execution of the Sophos event. Participants were ecstatic. I could not have done it without all of your hard work and dedication to making it a success."

- Tina Spanos, Ellen Michaels Presents, Inc. - USA


Greece is an open-air museum -- a civilization that gave birth to worldwide values -- covered by light 365 days a year, which illuminates its 6,000 islands. Meetings can take place in a resort hotel only 30 minutes away from Athens city center, combining history and relaxation, even during winter time.

One of the most historical cities in the world, combining geographic diversity with urban landscape and well-hidden secrets. Linked with direct flights from big cities on four continents. International and local chain hotels offering approx. 1,100 guests in one plenary room. Flexible conference centers and world-renowned Greek hospitality.

Key areas around Greece

  • Athens & Athens Riviera
  • Crete
  • Mykonos
  • Santorini
  • Rhodes
  • All Greek Islands
  • Pylos
  • Thessaloniki
  • Halkidiki

Why Greece?

  • Athens, a city built in history with beautiful beaches and numerous islands just a stone’s throw away; hospitable people in a city where the lights never go off.
  • Crete, an island with a unique geographical diversity of beaches, gorges, ancient hiking paths, mountains, and relics of ancient civilizations.
  • Mykonos, a hidden gem in the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea; typically traditional, but luxurious, and attracting the international jet set at the same time.
  • Santorini, unique in every aspect, with the largest sank caldera in the world, its world-renowned sunsets, and its famous local wines and traditional products.
  • Costa Navarino, a totally new destination -- one of the few unspoiled ones – with hotels with a philosophy to protect the environment and a view to traditional local products.

What's new in Greece

  • Aegean Airlines expands its routes with 145 different destinations to and from Athens and elsewhere.
  • A new digital, interactive, multimedia museum in a new building in the Academy of Plato in Athens -- the same location as the first academy ever built in the world.
  • 3D reconstruction of Acropolis, Delphi, and Olympia archaeological sites. While listening to your guide, take a look at your mini iPad and see how it really was.
  • A photo tour can take place in Santorini through which guests see the hidden secrets of the island from a photographer’s point of view.
  • Dinner in the sky of Athens overlooking the old gas factory and the trendy area of Gazi.