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About IMS Budapest

Founded in 1986 by Michael Schillinger, IMS is the leading Destination Management Company in Central and Eastern Europe, with headquarters in Vienna, Austria and fully owned subsidiary in Budapest, Hungary. IMS manages incentive programs, conferences, product launches and large-scale corporate events by providing the full range of destination management services. Our staff is specially trained to bring the highest level of service in designing and operating professional events and providing a one-stop resource for your entire program needs. Michael Schillinger, CEO, and Eva Makai, Managing Director Budapest, guarantee involvement at every stage of planning and operating a program, we take the pride of ownership in every detail of your program.

What Makes Us Unique

With 30 years of successful programs, IMS has the experience and creativity to set the standard for specialized services. The strongest testament to our success is in our customer loyalty - nearly 80% of our customers are repeat customers, many of them are Fortune 500 companies. Our slogan - We Create Success - is our guiding philosophy and our absolute commitment to reliability, creativity, around the clock accessibility and only the highest service standards.

Industry Involvement and Awards


While not large in terms of population Hungary has a wealth of culture and history - more than a thousand years full of great events, battles, kings, and sometimes peaceful years, that influenced the country and its culture.

Hungary's landscapes are gentle and charming, but the buildings one can find across the country are impressive and stunning. Architecturally Hungary is a treasure chest, offering everything from Roman ruins and medieval town houses to baroque churches, neoclassical public buildings and Art Nouveau bathhouses. Within the often-changing borders of Hungary during its history, fine arts developed in strong interaction with European art, and although they always reflected European tendencies, they have retained a strong character of their own. Beside the Hungarian architecture many foreign culture and religion represents itself throughout the country. For example the largest synagogue in Europe is the Great Synagogue in Budapest, the Széchenyi Medicinal Bath is the largest medicinal bath in Europe, one of the largest basilicas in Europe is the Esztergom Basilica.

Key areas around Hungary

  • Budapest
  • Danube Bend
  • Puszta
  • Lake Balaton

Why Hungary?

  • Easily accessible - Located in the heart of Europe with great international flight connections; nearly 50 airlines offer direct flights into Budapest from over 70 worldwide destinations.
  • Rooms for every demand - Wonderful, palatial turn-of-the-century grand hotels upholding venerable traditions; international chain hotels guaranteeing a large number of very similarly equipped and appointed rooms; and fancy boutique hotels
  • Enjoy Hungarian cooking - Spoil your guests in luxury restaurants or treat them to typical Hungarian cooking in a "Pince", Hungary's small, homely wine or beer cellars; book a table at a trendy bar or enjoy a lunch or dinner cruise on the Danube river.
  • Relax and splash - There are approx. 500 places where thermal water occurs, about 150 spas in the country and more than 80 thermal springs feeding into Budapest, supplying more than a dozen local spas and bathhouses.
  • Traditions are alive - Hungary is a land of particularly rich folk heritage. Folk culture is not only preserved in museums, but traditions live on in many of Hungary's small villages, kept alive by local communities.