IMS Prague

Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary

About IMS Prague

IMS is Your DMC in the Heart of Europe, the leading Destination Management Company in Central & Eastern Europe, with its head office in Vienna, Austria and fully owned subsidiaries in Budapest, Hungary, and Prague, Czech Republic. IMS provides the full range of DMC services. We know: destination management involves more than creating a color concept - the demand is for original experiences that reflect our clients’ corporate culture and brand. With IMS it is easy to implement individual requirements efficiently.

What Makes Us Unique

IMS has been in the business for 35 years and we specialize purely on incentives and corporate events with absolute commitment to excellence and customer orientation. The strongest testament to our success is in our customer loyalty - nearly 80% of our customers are repeat customers, many of them Fortune 500 companies. Our slogan "We Create Success" is our guiding philosophy and our absolute commitment to reliability, creativity, around the clock accessibility and only the highest service standards.

Czech Republic (Prague)

Czech Republic has it all: cities with rich and versatile history, unspoiled nature at national parks, charming medical spa towns and famous culinary art: hand-made dumplings, mouthwatering desserts and – of course – Pilsner beer!

Czech Republic is a quite small country with approx. 10.5 million people right in the heart of Europe, but beer and brewery culture have made the country world-famous. Thousand years ago, the country’s history was shaped by the peoples of Slavs, Celts and Germanics, later on by the Bohemian Kings and until 1918 today’s Czech territory was part of the Austro-Hungarian Habsburg Monarchy; the 20th century was affected by communism but also by the Velvet Revolution and the re-birth of Czech Republic. The resulting cultural diversity, historical legacy and vibrant comeback have an unparalleled appeal for anyone who visits the country these days.

Key areas around Czech Republic (Prague)

  • Prague
  • Cesky Krumlov
  • Karlovy Vary

Why Czech Republic (Prague)?

  • Easily accessible - located in the heart of Europe with great international flight connections; about 70 airlines offer direct flights into Prague from over 160 worldwide destinations.
  • World-famous Pilsner Urquell is brewed in the city of Plzen and can be tasted in pure, unpasteurized form in dozens of restaurants, pubs and micro-breweries all over the country.
  • The capital Prague is the city of a hundred spires and offers breathtakingly beautiful panoramic views all year round, its castle complex is actually the largest one in the world!
  • The country unites 11 centuries of architecture - buildings from Gothic to Contemporary times are a feast for the eyes and are the perfect setting for exclusive events.
  • Prague is one of the most frequently used locations for US and international films. Among them: Amadeus, Mission Impossible, The Bourne Identity and recently various Netflix and Disney film productions.