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About IMS Vienna

Founded in 1986 by Michael Schillinger, IMS is the leading Destination Management Company in Central and Eastern Europe, with headquarters in Vienna, Austria and fully owned subsidiary in Budapest, Hungary. IMS manages incentive programs, conferences, product launches and large-scale corporate events by providing the full range of destination management services. Our staff is specially trained to bring the highest level of service in designing and operating professional events and providing a one-stop resource for your entire program needs. Michael Schillinger, CEO, guarantees involvement at every stage of planning and operating a program, we take the pride of ownership in every detail of your program.

What Makes Us Unique

With 30 years of successful programs, IMS has the experience and creativity to set the standard for specialized services. The strongest testament to our success is in our customer loyalty - nearly 80% of our customers are repeat customers, many of them are Fortune 500 companies. Our slogan - We Create Success - is our guiding philosophy and our absolute commitment to reliability, creativity, around the clock accessibility and only the highest service standards.

Industry Involvement and Awards


Austria is a nation with a wide variety of landscapes ranging from the peaks of the Alps to hill country and plains; a nation with abundant cultural heritage influenced by its times as a glorious empire.

Coming to Austria means being in intimate contact with all the facets of traditional and modern art. In countless museums and galleries all over Austria you find displays of the finest of art: from Old Masters to the contemporary, from the incalculably precious to the amusingly curious, Austria invites you to have a good look at its varied collections. Vienna and Salzburg are the world's musical capitals; music is an integral element of any visit to our country and is present everywhere.

Key areas around Austria

  • Vienna
  • Salzburg
  • Tyrol

Why Austria?

  • Easily accessible - Located in the heart of Europe with great international flight connections; nearly 60 airlines offer direct flights into Vienna from over 130 worldwide destinations.
  • Rooms for every demand - Wonderful, palatial turn-of-the-century grand hotels upholding venerable traditions; international chain hotels guaranteeing a large number of very similarly equipped and appointed rooms; and fancy boutique hotels
  • Enjoy Austrian cooking - Spoil your guests in luxury restaurants or treat them to typical Austrian cooking in a "Beisl", Austria’s small, homely inns; book a table at a trendy bar or let them taste some wine at local wineries the so-called "Heurigen".
  • Savor Austrian culture - Experience the most comprehensive range of cultural offers incl. museums and art collections; theaters, concert houses, and operas.
  • THE meeting place in Europe - Since the Congress of Vienna (1814/15) when the most important European statesmen met in Vienna, the city has been popular for international guests. Not for nothing, the 2014 ICCA named Vienna the second most popular associat