April 2nd, 2024

Journey Back in Time: An Exclusive Evening at Luxor Temple

Ready to provide your attendees with the ultimate WOW factor in Egypt? Enhance a visit to the iconic Luxor Temple and turn it into an unforgettable evening of Pharaonic proportions!

With exclusive access to Luxor Temple outside of regular hours, our DMC partner now offers an unparalleled opportunity to host an evening event unlike any other. From personalized branding to authentic Egyptian touches, they make the impossible possible and ensure every detail reflects the essence of this historic setting.

Imagine arriving at this historic site as the sun is setting, only to be guided by soft lights and the melodies of classical music. As attendees stroll through the illuminated columns, they will be transported to another era, feeling the weight of history come alive around them. At the heart of Luxor Temple, a cocktail reception awaits in the majestic hall where attendees can enjoy exquisite cuisine by candlelight, surrounded by the opulence of the temple.


Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or a grand affair, Luxor Temple provides a stunning backdrop and can accommodate anywhere from 20 to 600 guests.

Ready to give your attendees an unforgettable experience in Egypt? Please contact your Global DMC Partners Sales Advisor or info@globaldmcpartners.com.