July 5th, 2022

Mais Oui! 5 Reasons To Host Your Meeting or Incentive in France

France is a country of inspiration, tradition and myths. A land whose richness and beauty offers many means of discovery for body, mind and soul. We offer thematic discoveries of our country and bring you off the beaten path. Beautiful, cosmopolitan, dynamic, glamorous and authentic, France is everything you need for your future events.

1. Iconic attractions, vibrant discoveries 

France has countless gorgeous landmarks and monuments, and the variety of the landscape is breathtaking. From the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris to the castles of the Loire Valley, from the tiny fishermen villages of the French Riviera to the wine estates of Bordeaux, your French discovery journey can have multiple faces, but you will always be marveled by what you see. 

France has 43 UNESCO World Heritage sites, which make it one of the most interesting destination to discover. Culture and history are everywhere in France. 

The country has so many architectural wonders, from the prehistoric cave paintings in Lascaux to the opulence of Versailles castle, that one trip to France simply won’t be enough time to view everything. The sheer variety of regions provides a wonderful playground for all kinds of activities. 

2. The world capital of gastronomy

French Cuisine is world famous, and the country offers plenty of amazing gourmet experiences. Normandy, Provence, Alsace, Brittany Burgundy or Corsica… French gastronomy as a whole is listed in UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists!

France is keen to protect its status as the world’s food capital, as evidenced by its “homemade” food label scheme designed to discourage chefs from using frozen or ready-prepared ingredients and its numerous products with protected AOP geographical protection labels. 

From appetizers to desserts, not forgetting the famous French baguette, every moment of your French journey will delight your taste. It is really part of the French experience and maybe the best part of it! 

3. A sophisticated yet authentic destination and an inspirational journey

An impressive hub of arts, culture, fashion, gastronomy and architecture -- France has it all. 

France has always been a land of inspiration for artists from painters to fashion designers, from famous DJ to world leaders, furniture designers and architects, which have always participated to the French Touch. 

Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Hugo, Dumas – these are just a few artists who lived and worked in France. With strong literary, musical and visual arts scenes, art surrounds you in France.  

With world-class shopping and a dynamic fashion scene, France is also the temple of fashion. Fashion is a deep-rooted aspect of French culture. French designers have created the most known fashion brands in the world such as Chanel, Yves St Laurent, Christian Dior and Givenchy.

Come, be inspired and enjoy this sophisticated yet authentic destination! 

4. French Art de Vivre 

The French Art de vivre is a combination of elements that take root in the history and culture of France and which denote taste, aesthetics, attention to detail, demand in all its forms and also the freedom to make your choices and say what you think without fear. 

The French penchant for fine living has touched every aspect of human pleasure and luxury, whether it’s gastronomy, fashion, sport, leisure, work, architecture and design, fine arts or conversation. 


5. Bespoke French hospitality for every kind of event

France's popularity as a MICE destination results from a successful combination of factors. Ease of access, top of the line infrastructure, beautiful landscapes and unique venues for hosting events reinforce the country's leading position in the industry. France's distinct Art de Vivre (way of life), its rich cultural heritage and delectable gastronomy add to the quality of your business event.

France offers a wide choice of accommodations over 612,000 rooms with a high sense of hospitality and the MICE expertise. 

From historical building to small back-country boutique hotels, from convention-oriented large hotels to urban stylish hotels, you will find the bespoke venue for your event, whether it is for incentive, conferences, product launches, seminars or team-buildings. 

Ready to give your attendees an unforgettable experience in France? Please contact your Global DMC Partners Sales Advisor or info@globaldmcpartners.com.