August 21st, 2019

Meet GDP's 2018 Global Planner of the Year: Kuba Piotrowski

...a Global Conference & Event Manager whose favorite part of his job is meeting new people, experiencing cultures, and visiting new destinations that his programs take him to.

Pictured: Sebastian Kubin, Kuba Piotrowski, Catherine Chaulet

Kuba Piotrowski is a Global Conference & Event Manager at Oriflame. He was the recipient of the 2019 Global DMC Partners Rising Star award due to his passion for events, customer loyalty to GDP, and dedication to the DMC industry. Kuba also serves as a Board Member on Global DMC Partners’ 2019 Customer Advisory Board. We asked Kuba for his perspective and insights on the industry, such as challenges, trends, travel tips – and more!

GDP: Why, when, and/or how did you decide to join the meetings industry?

KP: I studied and planned to be a diplomat. During the last year of university, I was sent to work in embassies in Latin American countries. One day when in San Jose, Costa Rica, my boss - His Excellency Ambassador of Poland (appointed in seven countries at the time) - gave me a task to organize a film festival to promote Central European cinematography in Central America. It was my first experience with the events/meetings industry and I loved it so much that I decided to go in another direction and move to the commercial side.

GDP: Where do you see our industry 10 years from now?

KP: I love the organization that I work for now and I’d like to stay with my company for as long as it’s possible. However, if I had to chose a different job, I’d like to work in Olympic Games’ planning and organization. Maybe this is what I will be doing in 10 years’ time.

GDP: What is your favorite part of your job and why?

KP: I really enjoy meeting new people, experiencing cultures and visiting new destinations. So, probably going on site inspections to “first-time” locations and then consequently organizing events there would be my most favorite part of the job that I do. However, the feeling of relief mixed with pride is my favorite set of emotions after a successful program.

GDP: What is the most challenging part of your job? Do you have a process or procedure to help overcome this challenge?

KP: The most challenging part of my job is the lack of sleep and exhaustion during months of big programs (the preparation period just immediately prior to events and execution days). I have a routine of preparing my body for these kind of physical challenges that I start 6-8 weeks prior to events. It’s a set of full-body exercises and it’s like training for a competition.

GDP: What is your favorite trend in the industry right now?

KP: I will not be very original here but my favorite trend is green and sustainable meetings. I try to follow that trend to the largest extent possible. Our latest 6-day program in Stockholm was a completely carbon neutral conference what we are really proud of.

GDP: What do you see as your biggest success so far?

KP: I think that being part of a finely attuned, creative & effective team that I get to work with right now is a success itself. I cannot take the credit for the successful events & programs that I organize because the credit belongs to the whole team. I think our biggest success was The 2017 50th Anniversary Cruise – a program for almost 6000 people on two charter cruise ships with more than a hundred events over the period of 8 days in 3 countries. We have won several awards for this program and it will definitely be forever memorable for us.

GDP: What is the most interesting place you’ve planned a meeting or event and why?

KP: Japan has been my favorite and the most interesting destination for me so far. I’m completely fascinated with this country and planning our two events there last year was mind-blowing. Japanese culture is truly unique as it evolved in relative isolation. It expresses itself in wonderful, subtle, unexpected ways. Everything is different; planning events included. It is not easy to adjust to the Japanese working culture at the beginning

GDP: What do you never travel without, or what is your best travel tip?

KP: GoPro camera, sunglasses (even when going to Scandinavia) and good headphones. My travel tip would be to “always travel light”.  It not only feels really good not being burdened by unnecessary things/clothes in your suitcase, but also having only the stuff you really, really need or could reuse feels refreshing. Plus, you will always have lots of space in your luggage for presents to bring back for your family and friends.

GDP: What do you enjoy most about working with Global DMC Partners, and why?

KP: Global DMC Partners is an organization bringing together the best professionals in the industry. After several programs organized in a cooperation with different DMCs from Global DMC Partners, I enjoy feeling very safe and understood. Our company has a very unique culture and the way we organize our events & incentives differs from corporate standards.Global DMC Partners has possessed that knowledge, they understand us completely, and that contributes to successful events.