May 15th, 2020

New Destination Download and Together at Home Webinars Announced!

We've announced a handful of new, free webinars in our Destination Download and Together at Home weekly webinar series. Since we started these in March, we've been able to introduce thousands of clients to educational and inspirational topics -  and we aren't slowing down now! Take a look at some of the new sessions that we have coming up below.

Join us for our Destination Download: Insider Interviews with the Experts series to learn about our destinations and DMC partners around the world. This series provides a virtual insiders’ look into a variety of destinations with live, bite-sized interviews hosted by Global DMC Partners President & CEO Catherine Chaulet.

May 19 - Mexico, Singapore, Southern California


June 2 & 4 - Indonesia, Portugal, Toronto/Niagara Falls


June 10 - Brazil, Switzerland, Washington DC


Our Together at Home: Engage & Educate series features subject matter experts that will educate, innovate and inspire with topics ranging from resiliency and leading through change to health and wellness and financial management.

May 27 - UNCHARTED: How to Navigate the Future

Presented by: Award-Winning Author and Professor, Dr. Margaret Heffernan


    When we woke up to a pandemic, we were forced to realize with a shock that the world is unpredictable and that uncertainty is always with us. There are good reasons for this that we need now to understand. Even the very best forecasters say they can’t see much beyond 400 days out; the rest of us can manage maybe 150 days. While some aspects of our lives and businesses are complicated (and can be predicted) much has become too complex for accurate planning. Acknowledging that we can’t always know or control the future means that business leaders need to move beyond planning and to start thinking instead about preparedness and resilience. This 45-minute talk led by Dr. Heffernan will cover the following:

    • Where does resilience come from?
    • How to prepare for uncertainty
    • The importance of collaboration in crises


    June 3 - Retirement Planning Tips

    Presented by: Lynne Marino - Senior Financial Advisor & Vice President, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management


    As people are spending more time at home and financial uncertainty is top of mind, there may be an opportunity to dedicate time to your financial fitness! This session will walk you through the various tools and resources you can use to plan for your retirement. A tip sheet/guide will be discussed and shared with all participants, and Lynne will be answering audience questions for 10-15 minutes of live Q&A at the end of her presentation. Please note that Lynne is an expert in retirement options within the USA only. Therefore, while there may be similarities between retirement options in the USA and other countries, this content of this webinar will be more geared towards U.S.-based attendees.


    June 9 - Extraordinary Meetings: The New Rules of Connection in a Digital Age

    Presented by: Erica Dhawan - Author, Keynote Speaker, and Founder & CEO of Cotential


    During this unprecedented time of change and uncertainty, we are meeting and collaborating faster and more often than ever before. We feel like we’re connected – but are we really? How do we connect meaningfully with our audiences and business partners right now? How do we make sure work still gets done in our own teams and keep morale high? How do we build inclusive and inspirational events virtually and through hybrid models? In this session, you will learn how to master the art of Connectional Intelligence and Digital Body Language, led by 21st century collaboration expert Erica Dhawan. Learning Outcomes include:

    • Understand your personal collaboration style and what digital body language signals you are broadcasting (even if you don’t intend to!)
    • Reduce the confusion and frustration that comes with digital collaboration across all our various mediums, like email, phone, IM, text, chat and video meetings
    • Develop a modern meeting strategy to create the most engaged and successful events in our new environment
    • Build trust and human connection, no matter the distance


    June 16 - Becoming More Significant

    Presented by: Sylvia Baldock, Team Engagement & Collaboration Specialist, Author and Best-selling International Co-Author


    Many business leaders and entrepreneurs have all the trappings of success and yet feel unfulfilled and isolated. All of us suffer from the ‘Imposter Syndrome’ at different times in our lives and may wonder when we are going to be ‘found out! This can paralyze us from stepping out of our comfort zone and tapping into the unlimited potential we all possess. Becoming More Significant is all about recognizing your own unique skills and talents and feeling so secure in the value you bring to the workplace that you in turn, strive to make others more significant. During this 45-minute session, Sylvia Baldock will address:

    • What makes you worthy of attention?
    • How do you develop and share your unique value?
    • How do you deal with the uncertainties of change?
    • How do you build TRUST with your colleagues, clients and prospects?
    • How do you maximize your potential?

    When you know the answers to these questions and truly believe in the value you have to share, you can start to become more visible from a position of real authenticity. This is a thought-provoking webinar for anyone who wants to increase resilience, confidence, communication, collaboration, decisiveness, motivation, productivity and growth.


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