July 13th, 2023

A new hotel in Reykjavik, a sustainable boat ride, and thrilling river rafting await in Iceland!

Are you ready to experience the magic of Iceland? The land of endless opportunities is calling your name and there is no better way to explore the breathtaking landscapes than with the newest adventures Iceland has to offer.


Parliament Hotel Reykjavik, Curio Collection by Hilton 

PHOTO CREDIT: Iceland Parliament Hotel Curio Collection by Hilton

The Parliment Hotel Reykjavik just opened after years of construction. The hotel is a combination of a historic, renovated building and new construction. The main building is the old national television and radio building, and the buildings which now house venue spaces were once the first school for women in Iceland and the headquarters of Iceland‘s Independence party. The hotel is located next to the Icelandic parliament on the city‘s main square. The history plays host to architecture and design that merges Iceland’s history with international inspiration. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Iceland Parliament Hotel Curio Collection by Hilton

The Parliament Hotel offers 145 sophisticated, well-appointed guest rooms and suites with exceptional views over the city and unique event venues. The executive lounge on the fifth floor is perfect for an intimate dinner or an outdoor/indoor reception. The previous women‘s school is beautifully furnished in style with the building, making it the perfect party space or a venue for an unusual meeting setup. The old Independence Hall is a ballroom, fitting for 200-300 people dancing the night away or sitting in on a conference. The hotel is also equipped with a spa and multifunctional public spaces filled with local, eclectic art & “instagrammable” Reykjavik moments. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Iceland Parliament Hotel Curio Collection by Hilton

The hotel aims to be the leading conference and event venue in Reykjavik, connecting people across continents, at the doorstep of democracy.


New Tour: Sailing Sustainably Under the Arctic Sky

PHOTO CREDIT: North Sailing

Picture your attendees sailing under the Arctic sky on the electric-powered schooner Opal. Witness the Northern Lights and Reykjavik City Lights in a remarkable way, while sipping a glass of wine by the fireplace below deck. And the best part? The tour is eco-friendly, powered by clean geothermal electricity, making it a sustainable way to explore, enjoy and be adventurous.

Onboard the guides will share interesting tales of the past while attendees enjoy the view of nearby islands and legendary lighthouses. You get the chance to assist the crew with putting up the sails, enjoy refreshments from the crew, have a beer in the on-deck hot tub or sip a glass of wine by the fireplace below deck.

Opal was built in 1951 and has an authentic charm and feel while driven by a modern hybrid-electric engine. Iceland is the home of geothermal electricity making this tour a true testament to Iceland's devotion to using cleaner energy. Experience Reykjavík Iceland from the sea, enjoy the hypnotic movements of the lights and—dare we say—maybe even turn off your phone for a while.


New Activity: Helicopter Rafting

PHOTO CREDIT: Asgard Beyond

For the bravest of hearts, helicopter rafting is a must-try experience. Enjoy whitewater rafting in Iceland on a new level in the most exclusive and scenic rafting destination, Markarfljot Canyon. The canyon was carved out by a glacier outburst 2000 years ago, creating the 200 meters deep canyon. With glaciers, waterfalls, and steep basalt columns all around you, the tour starts with a scenic helicopter ride up the canyon, providing unparalleled views not seen anywhere else in Iceland.

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