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About Offsite Utah - Salt Lake City

With over 25 years’ experience in Event Management, the founder of Offsite Utah saw the opportunity to bring his experience and training from 5-star resort and hotel properties as well as 3rd party event management companies to a Destination Management Company. As Salt Lake City vies for a larger portion of the convention business and Park City and the Wasatch Front continue to grow. They can now support larger and more diverse convention business. With new convention hotels and resort properties Utah was ready for a DMC with the attention to customer service at a 5-star level. Bring a team of event professionals into the mix Offsite Utah, LLC was launched in 2014 and was met with open arms, vendors and clients alike agree that the level of service and professionalism they receive from Offsite is what sets us apart as a top tier destination management company.

What Makes Us Unique

Offsite Utah has a commitment to service that is unparalleled. We treat each client as a friend with a personal interest in the success of their event. We want to present new, exciting and fun ideas that will create memories for your attendees all with a keen eye on budget effectiveness. We invite you to find out how easy it is to impress with Offsite Utah, your expert for all your destination needs.

What everyone is saying about Offsite Utah - Salt Lake City

"Joseph is the consummate professional! I have worked with him since 1999 and continue to be amazed at his level of expertise, budget effectiveness and creativity."

- Sharon Andersen, Director of Marketing - Events, JDA - The Supply Chain Company

"My history of working with Joseph goes back 6 years, and it has always been a pleasure. From the time we started working together, it was immediately easy to build a relationship of trust with him, and I have found that working with Joseph makes my job significantly easier."

- Mike Stiles, Sr. Corporate Event Manager, Adobe Systems, Inc.

Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City is known as the Ski City, along with its beautiful mountain scenery all year long!

Salt Lake City or now known as Ski City, is a city on the move! With an easy access to the city, great value, a 680,000 square foot convention center, the impending announcement of a new convention hotel and 2 other hotels to add room count to the city, Salt Lake City does not need to be considered a tertiary market anymore. Starting with the 2002 Winter Olympics Salt Lake City started getting recognized for the great city it is! Salt Lake City, Park City and surrounding area have amazing world class facilities, 5 star and 5 Diamond resorts and hotels along with an award winning Destination Management Company (Offsite Utah) to assist you planning your event. With a Major League Basketball and Soccer team, a Minor League baseball team, 3 renown colleges and one of the most notorious rivalries in College sports, Utah has something for all sporting enthusiasts. Professional theater, a huge selection of restaurants, and recreational activities that are second to none, make Utah the best place to host your next meeting!

Key areas around Salt Lake City, UT

  • Salt Lake City
  • Park City
  • Wasatch Front
  • Mighty 5

Why Salt Lake City, UT?

  • Hosts of the 2002 Winter Olympics
  • World Class facilities, including 5 star and 5 Diamond resorts and hotels
  • Major league Basketball and Soccer Teams
  • Large selection for all dining levels
  • All year round outdoor activities

What's new in Salt Lake City, UT

  • Salt Lake City airport expansion/renovation is currently in the works to provide a top notch travel experience
  • Two new city hotels
  • New Convention center hotel

Salt Lake City, UT Highlights