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About Panama Journeys

We at Panama Journeys know that our clients are demanding and well-informed and therefore our goal is to offer the best service possible. So with our years of knowledge garnered from substantial experience across the region we feel that in Panama – beyond the obvious – we have found a real treasure. We have deliberately remained a small, almost family-run DMC and our aim is to stay that way but will continue our geographical reach with increased values focused on what the traveler needs in terms of ethics, service, values and the importance we place on personal attention.

What Makes Us Unique

Whether you want to discover virgin rainforests and biological splendour in the Darien Gap, exciting and unusual traditions in the Azuero Peninsula, or the perfectly packaged boutique coffee haciendas in the country’s central highlands near to Boquete, we at Panama Journeys can make this happen for you.

Panama City


One of the great things about Panama is the quality of the tourism infrastructure, which is practically unrivaled in Central or South America. In addition, Panama is a short flight distance from multiple destinations with flights to and from United States, that’s why it's considered the Hub of the Americas.

Panama is one of the safest countries in the world. The country offers a variety of attractions. Here, it is possible to appreciate historical monuments, enjoy boat trips to nearby islands, visit indigenous communities, practice golf in the middle of the rainforest, support ecotourism, and go trekking in the mountains. Panama is the business center of the Americas and the emerging economies of the region. The official currency is the Balboa which is tied to the value of the American dollar. Panama has quietly transformed into one of the most sought-after incentive travel locations in the world.

Key areas around Panama

  • Panama City

Why Panama?

  • Accessibility
  • Infrastructure
  • Safety
  • Service
  • Nightlife & Attractions

What's new in Panama

  • New Amador Convention Center
  • New Terminal at the Tocumen International Airport (T2)
  • New Port Cruise at Causeway Amador (Under construction)
  • New Metro Line recently opened (line 2)