February 7th, 2024

Power Your Planning: Download GDP's 2023 Pulse Survey Report

Twice a year, we send out our Meetings & Event Pulse survey to monitor today's shifting landscape within our industry. We've heard loud and clear that planners need more data, help with benchmarking, and purely just knowing what others in the industry are facing right now...and through these surveys we've been able to get you those answers!

Insights from our final 2023 report include:

  1.  Planners are using different strategies to offset rising expenses. 37% report that they frequently opt for different destinations based on price.

  2.  Post-pandemic shift: 55% of planners report shorter lead times in event planning.

  3.  DEI takes center stage internationally, with diverse efforts in training, hiring, and inclusivity.

  4.  Sustainability goals align globally, with a focus on reducing plastic usage/waste.

  5.  Chatbots lead the way! Generative AI adoption varies, but chatbots have been widely adopted in the industry.

Read the Full Report Here