Pure Arabia - Oman


About Pure Arabia - Oman

At Pure Arabia, our goal is to offer a SUPERIOR level of service and work with our clients to ACHIEVE their core business objectives. Zaki and Eslam Badawi are the formidable duo behind Pure Arabia, With over 20 years EXPERIENCE, they have grown the Pure Arabia brand and are renowned for their straightforward, professional way of doing business. Our multilingual team speak over 8 languages and are as DEDICATED as the founders themselves.

What Makes Us Unique

We believe in PERSONALIZED SERVICE and that in order to understand our partners, you have to have time to LISTEN. We THINK DIFFERENTLY and we have the local know-how and expertise. Our mandate is to UNDERSTAND our clients and to convert every moment into time well-spent. In partnership with the best suppliers in the country, your bespoke proposal will be individually CREATED. We DELIVER consistently with precision. There are no excuses, no exceptions and no surprises.


Nature at its purest. Culture at its deepest.

The Sultanate of Oman immerses you in its mountainous landscapes and coastal beauty. From wadis to desert and cruises to trekking, Oman offers natural diversity and fantastic opportunities for corporate events.

Key areas around Oman

  • Muscat
  • Salalah
  • Sohar
  • Nizwa

Why Oman?

  • Nature at its purest: From white sandy beaches, to captivating mountain terrains and glistening, hidden wadis; Oman shows off its beauty ad nature in so many ways.
  • Culture at its deepest: Oman’s numerous castles, forts and museums keep its culture strong and provide the perfect setting for corporate groups looking to add a touch of tradition.
  • Wondrous wildlife: The range of wildlife within Oman is astonishing; from the desert Oryx, leopards and dolphins, there is beauty and life at every turn.
  • 1700km of coastline: With clean and unpolluted waters, Oman lends itself to city-sea event combinations perfectly.
  • Unique venues; each with its own architectural uniqueness, Oman has much to offer. A grand convention centre, luxury resorts and beautiful settings.