April 25th, 2022

The Top 5 Reasons to Host Your Meeting or Incentive in Monaco

Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Open Tennis Championships, the International Circus Festival, Opera, ballets, concerts, luxurious boutiques, art exhibitions and topline international entertainers... Monaco is glamour and dreams all-in-one! Monaco offers the chance to discover its enchanting old towns, hilltop villages, art museums, perfume manufacturing, gastronomic restaurants & unlimited sporting activities.

1. Monaco: One of the Safest Places on Earth 

Monaco is definitely one of the safest places in the world! Here, guests can be assured of a safe and enjoyable stay. To support the post-COVID-19 recovery plans, the Government of Monaco has created the Monaco Safe Label, a genuine guarantee of health safety and confidence for clients and visitors to the various establishments that welcome the public to the Principality. Professionals must now rethink the model for future events in order to continue to operate while offering all the safety measures that everyone has the right to expect. This necessary change will require creativity and innovation and will have to rely on intellectual capital, the optimization of transport and spaces and the increased use of digital technologies. 

2. "Green is the new Glam" 

Monaco is a country that is committed and responsive, especially to the environment, ocean protection and global sustainable development. The destination has the expertise in organizing 100% green events. This strategy is to meet eco-objectives, and all venues are committed to creating a new, more responsible brand of tourism and putting solutions in place to optimise resource management. The Monaco Tourism and Convention Authority aims to promote responsible tourism under the slogan "Green is the new Glam". The message is strong and aims to affirm Monaco's positioning as a Responsible Luxury Tourism Destination. Presented on all international markets and media - with the help of visuals and a video campaign - "Green is the new Glam" highlights the efforts of partners and promotes good practices from the hotel industry to gastronomy. 

3. Exclusive and Bespoke Experiences 

The ultimate luxury destination, Monaco has long held the secret to indulging in style. With legendary hotels, exceptional restaurants and magical moments to experience, nothing is too good for our esteemed clients. Your getaway to the Principality has to be spectacular, so get ready for escapades that never go out of style, designed especially for you. Formula 1 Grand Prix, Open Tennis Championship, the International Circus Festival, opera, ballets, concerts, luxurious boutiques, art exhibitions and topline international entertainers - Monaco is glamour and dreams. One of the priorities is to find high-end experiences that guests will have the chance to experience, sometimes for the first and only time in their lives! For the ultimate in chic, look no further. Spas, casinos and gourmet cuisine await you. 

4. Glamorous Image and Distinction: Monaco is a Destination Unlike Any Other 

Monaco offers fairy-tale glamour and a rich cultural heritage that few other countries can match. There are so many riches that make the city-state of Monaco such an attractive and even irresistible destination. Who could fail to be entranced by the charms of its stunning Belle Époque architecture?  As everyone knows, Monaco is synonymous with glamour. Get dressed and head to Monte Carlo for a glass of champagne and a chance to get into the charming atmosphere! You will be dazzled and amazed at each turn, at the heart of the City of Princes. From the old town, a veritable open air museum, to the Place du Casino discover the history of the Grimaldis.

5. An Innovative Country 

Welome to the Smart Principality. A country and a model based on caring for the needs of all. A community united to seize the opportunities of this reinventing world. The Principality, known for its glamour, is also a land of innovation. Discreet but no less efficient, companies are clearly part of the driving force of the economy. The Monaco Government's energy transition department is launching an innovative three-year program for the tourism sector. Entirely free of charge, the innovation is initially proposed to hoteliers in the Principality allowing establishments to measure their energy consumption. Smart+ is a formidable "ambition accelerator" for sustainable development and will be offered at a later date to other entities in the destination. Aware of the urgent need to provide solutions quickly, to invent new methods, and to offer real opportunities, Monaco wishes to position itself as an innovative, accessible, safe and successful destination. 


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