June 21st, 2022

Top Five Reasons to Host Your Meeting or Incentive in Chile

In between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes the long, narrow country of Chile can be found. Worldwide, this beautiful country is known for its wines and spectacular landscapes. However, Chile offers many more hidden treasures in a surprisingly relaxed atmosphere. This, combined with its high connectivity with direct flights from all over the world, makes this destination ready to host an unforgettable incentive trip.

1. Excellent Cconnectivity, Infrastructure, and Hospitality

Even though Chile is the second longest country in the world, the development of efficient road infrastructure, specialized hotels, and fully-equipped event centers make it business-oriented.  The country is divided into sections, north, central, and south.  To reach each area effortlessly, there is an excellent network of flights between all major cities, including off-the-beaten-track destinations.  Locals prize their beloved country on safety and quality of life.  Combined with their enthusiasm and well-trained and service-oriented characteristics, Chile has become the ideal MICE destination. 


2. Chile is the World's Leading Adventure Tourism Destination

Between the 4,000 kilometers of coastline, enormous desert, evergreen forests, mind-blowing ice fields in Patagonia, towering mountains, and national parks, it is safe to say Chile's territory is simply amazing.  This privileged mix of diverse landscapes and climates across Chile are the main reason why the country has been awarded as South America's Leading Adventure Destination by the World Travel Awards - 4 years in a row. 

Mountain climbing, kayaking, horseback riding, paragliding, trekking, skiing, and surfing, are just the beginning of countless adventures.  The limits of what this country can offer incentive travelers are endless.  It is no wonder why one of the main slogans is "Where the impossible becomes possible."  Visitors will experience unforgettable moments like admiring gigantic ice masses or contemplating one of the world’s clearest skies at night for the best star-gazing they've ever imagined.   


3. Chile is a world-class wine destination, the 5th largest exporter

The fruits of Chile's territory make visiting worthwhile.  The diverse flavors of Chilean cuisine are composed of a rich mix of centuries-old traditions and ingredients used by the indigenous peoples, combined with European preparations and trends.  It has turned Chile into a well-kept gastronomic treasure with a great variety of Andean and coastal dishes delightfully intertwined.   

And of course, any great Chilean meal comes hand in hand with the best Chilean wine.  Chile is the 5th largest exporter of wines and the 9th largest producer in the world!  In total, there are eleven different wine-producing valleys, each offering decadent wine tours and tastings, paired with tasteful morsels to accompany and highlight the flavors.  Most wine tours will go the extra mile to explain the wine-making process and will delve into the history of the vineyard, taking you back in time with them.  


4. Easter Island possesses 887 human-shaped figures called the Moai statues

Easter Island or Rapa Nui, called-so by the island inhabitants, has become well-known for the stone statues that resemble human figures, known as the enigmatic Moai.  The island is one of the most remote in the world and what makes the island even more interesting is that these stone monoliths have stood watch over the island's landscape for hundreds of years!  The fact that they exist is a nod to marvel at human ingenuity, especially due to their size and how they were made.  There are nearly 1,000 different statues and their meaning continues to be a source of mystery.  Most believe they might have been carved to pay homage to ancestors between 1000 C.E and into the second half of the 17th century.  Even though the island is 3700 km away from land, it is still an incredible once-in-a-lifetime visit. 


5. The world’s oldest mummies and driest desert are in Chile

The Atacama Desert is the driest desert in the world and is an amazing destination to reconnect with nature under the most remarkable skies you have ever seen.  Apart from the Patagonian desert, the Atacama is also the largest in South America.  Stargazing in the evening will make you believe that you are quite literally, under a blanket of stars and far-away galaxies.  A highlight of the Atacama Desert is the great infrastructure that is capable of accommodating space for groups. 

The Atacama Desert also happens to be the same place where the world's oldest mummies were discovered. These are the Chinchorro mummies, estimated to have been mummified 2,000 years before ancient Egyptians began their own mummifying process.  In July 2021, UNESCO placed the mummies and Chinchorro settlement in present-day Chile on the World Heritage list. A state-of-the-art museum is currently being built to showcase the mummies in Arica. 


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