May 31st, 2022

Five Reasons to Host a Meeting or Incentive in Norway

Are you ready to have your breath taken away? Because we guarantee you that it will happen more than once in Norway! 

From vibrant cities to quiet stunning nature, Norway offers a wide range of exciting experiences that you will never forget. On this land where Mother Nature reigns and only 5.5 million inhabitants live, Norwegians have learned how to live with the elements and have also created a modern society where people feel safe and happy.

1. The famous fjord landscape

There are fjords everywhere in Norway, created when the ice from the last Ice Age cut through the tall mountains.  

It is almost impossible to visit Norway without seeing a fjord, unless you decide to stay exclusively along the eastern border around Oslo. Though it is an exceedingly modern country, Norway has maintained something of a frontier character. Many fjord villages continue to be accessible only by boat. 

Photo credit: Terje Rakke, Nordic Life

2. For a nature lover, Norway is nothing short of spectacular

With a population of just over 5 million and a population density of 38 per square miles, much of Norway has been left unspoiled, so there is a vast range of varied nature to explore. 

Norway is home to one of the last great wildernesses of Europe. Its rugged beauty stretches from remote corners of frozen Svalbard in the North Atlantic to tranquil woodlands in the balmy south. Its landscape is replete with rugged mountains broken by fertile valleys, sprawling green forests, vast glaciers, and hauntingly majestic fjords.  

Norwegians’ penchant for living off the land and their desire for unspoiled nature and wide-open space evoke the spirit of the American west. Norway’s vast unspoiled wilderness makes it quite unique in Europe. 

Photo credit: Scott Sporleder, Fjord Norway

3. The Northern Lights

Northern Lights are a spectacular natural phenomenon that can be spotted in the northern reaches of Norway. The aurora season begins towards the end of August and ends at the beginning of April.  

The northern lights are a natural phenomenon, thus can never be guaranteed. However, by bringing a group to the auroral region for a minimum of 3 nights, we greatly increase their chances. Expert guides will bring them to a place at a time when the aurora is most likely to be visible.  

The wide-ranging northern lights season also means you can combine aurora hunting with the season of choice. Visit during the fall and your attendees can experience the vibrant reds and golds and spend their days hiking, biking, and kayaking without the summer crowds. Visiting in the winter means they can spend their days dog sledding, snowmobiling, or snowshoeing. 

Photo: Kari Schibevaag, Visit Tromsø

4. Norway’s incredibly rich history and cultural heritage

Norway is considered to be the land of the Vikings and has an incredibly rich history and cultural heritage.  

Eight Norwegian places have earned a place on UNESCO's World Heritage List. The list contains cultural and natural sites that are considered of great importance for humanity, and it is varied, to say the least. It includes everything from stave churches and old manor houses to small fishing villages and the fjords. Bryggen, the medieval wharf in Bergen, was the first to enter the list in 1979. The latest addition is the Rjukan–Notodden Industrial Heritage Site in 2015. 

Apart from the UNESCO sites, there are many other well-preserved cultural landmarks that deserve a deep dive.  

Famous Norwegian names you might be familiar with include composer Edvard Grieg, artist Edvard Munch and former female prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland. 

Photo Credit: Kjell Ove Storvik, Viking Museum Lofoten

5. Green Travel

Travel is all about feeling good. Discover how you can explore Norway with a cleaner conscience by traveling greener, visiting sustainable destinations, eating delicious local food, and participating in Instagram-friendly green adventures. 

The best way to explore the nooks and crannies of Norway is to travel like a local. And not only that – train journeys like the Bergen Railway, the Rauma Railway, the Nordland Railway, and the Ofoten Line are among the most beautiful in the world! 

Oslo has some of the most innovative environmental solutions in Europe and was selected as the European Green Capital 2019. The big-city-feeling can easily be exchanged with the tranquility of green spaces, as two-thirds of the capital’s area consists of woods and water. Norway also has eco-labeled accommodations. These places work tirelessly not only to maintain low energy consumption but also to come up with creative ways to prevent food waste and take advantage of leftovers. 

Photo credit: Morten Rakke, Visit Norway

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