April 18th, 2022

Five Reasons to Host Your Next Incentive in Peru

Peru is frequently mentioned as an upcoming MICE destination that is rapidly gaining popularity. Pure! definitely understands why, since this diverse country offers endless possibilities for incentive travel experiences, allowing your clients to interact with local cultures and enjoy truly unique places. Furthermore, the ultimate combination of an amazing cuisine, modern facilities and a unique history make Peru a one-of-a-kind destination.

And now, here are the top five reasons to host your next incentive program in Peru:

1. Mouthwatering world-class gastronomy for any incentive traveller

Peru has been named the "World's Leading Culinary Destination" by the World Travel Awards for eight consecutive years and Peru has also been given the award for "Best Culinary Destination in South America." Food has always been of great importance to Peruvian culture and they showcase this by infusing their traditional culinary customs with the likes of Spain, Asia and other influences. Local and traditional ingredients such as potatoes (over 4,000 varieties) began to fuse into other-worldly staples within various regions. Over many generations, the gastronomical sector has become well-developed and provides unforgettable dining experiences for every type of incentive traveller. 

2. Peru is easy to reach and get around

For years, Peru has been one of Latin America’s most popular travel destinations. As a result, this culturally rich Andean country is well-connected to the rest of the world. Direct flights arrive to Peru's capital city of Lima from Europe, cities across the United States of America and other Latin American countries. Moreover, domestic flights within the country connect to the major destination highlights at competitive prices. In addition to easily accessible flights, getting around Peru is convenient and safe. Buses, trains and even boats are frequently used methods of travel.

3. Peru is an up-and-coming incentive destination, constantly improving

Not only has Peru always been a popular country among leisure and adventure travelers, but also it is increasingly mentioned among the world's top incentive destinations. The country is constantly improving its infrastructure, services and resources, and new discoveries of the ancient Inca are frequently announced. Peru can serve as a destination for explorers, trekking the glacier lakes near Huaraz or Rainbow Mountain, or for those interested in a leisurely style of discovery in the cities and museums of Lima and Cusco. Such highlights along with the Nazca lines or Lake Titicaca can be combined into one amazing incentive trip with truly unique experiences for all kinds of travelers.  

4. Machu Picchu: the First Carbon Neutral Tourist Destination in the World 

The Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu has become not only the first wonder of the world but also now the first international tourist destination to have obtained the title of "First Carbon Neutral Tourist Destination in the World," an excellent representation and global reference of sustainability. The destination was awarded the title after seeking to drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions at the Inca citadel at a level of 45% by 2030 and reach total neutrality in 2050. This will be achieved by having the only organic waste treatment plant in Peru, called a pyrolysis plant, and the reforestation process of one million trees in the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, led by the National Service of Protected Natural Areas. 

5. Peru has 12 Sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List 

A place or destination named worthy of a UNESCO heritage site is monumental. Imagine just how paramount it is for Peru when the country is home to 12 different UNESCO World heritage sites spread across all regions. These locations range from pre-Inca ruins, Inca and Spanish colonial architecture, historic city centers, extensive geoglyphs, jaw-dropping montane landscapes and national parks. They are so important that they have been deemed worthy of preservation due to their priceless value for present and future generations to come.

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