August 8th, 2022

Top Five Reasons to Host a Meeting or Incentive in Poland

Poland is one of the most central destinations in Europe with a rich heritage, friendly hospitality and modern infrastructure. The country's outstanding infrastructure consists of hundreds of hotels, venues for more than 10,000 pax, first-class restaurants, one-of-a-kind offsite activities, and many other unique elements that will result in a successful event.

1. Rich culture, history and traditions

The history of Poland goes back over a thousand years. Despite being at the heart of much destruction during World War II, it has kept much of its cultural heritage remarkably intact. Historic cities like Warsaw, Kraków, Gdańsk and Wrocław are the real pearls in the Polish crown. Medieval towns, palaces, castles, unique cuisine, and local hospitality combined with a modern infrastructure are just a few reasons to organize your next meeting in Poland. Poland is also the country of Chopin, Marie Sklodowska-Curie and Nicolaus Copernicus.  


2. Dynamic meeting infrastructure paired with great value 

Poland’s fast economic growth over the last 25 years including the development of modern meeting infrastructure (hotels, conference centers, efficient and fast rail transport, international airports) increases the destination's attractiveness as a place to organize a meeting. The world's leading hotel chains: Raffles, Intercontinental, Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, Westin, Sofitel and Radisson offer their conference facilities in all major Polish destinations, including Warsaw, Kraków and Gdańsk. Most importantly, Poland is still one of the most cost-effective countries in the EU. You can expect exceptional service at a lower cost as compared to many other destinations in Western Europe. 


3. A focus on high-quality MICE offerings 

Poland has local initiatives and groups, such as the Kraków Network, that are dedicated to discussing issues relevant to the MICE industry to develop good practices to produce high quality meetings and events throughout the country. Today, the focus of these initiatives is on technological advancement, health and safety, sustainability and the need to understand the next generation of event participants.  


4. No limits or restrictions on events 

Poland was one of the first EU countries where most of the restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic were lifted at the end of March 2022. At the moment, the conditions for organizing meetings are practically the same as they were in 2019 - no limits or restrictions on events, regardless of their size and scale. Also, for arrivals from all over thew world there is no obligation to present a vaccination certificate or to quarantine upon arriving in Poland. The only places where face masks are still obligatory are health institutions such as hospitals and pharmacies.  


5. CSR opportunities as a result of the war in Ukraine

Poland's membership in the European Union and NATO guarantees the country’s security and protection from the War in Ukraine so it is a very safe destination to organize an event. At the same time, Poland has opened its doors widely to all refugees from Ukraine (mainly women and children), accepting over three million people (as of May 2022) and providing them with social security numbers, access to national health services & schools, and the opportunity to join the local labor market. By deciding to organize your meeting in Poland, you have the chance to help Ukrainian refugees in two ways - 1) indirectly, as many of them are now employed in the Polish meetings industry, and 2) directly, if you choose to arrange a CSR activity with the help of our local DMC partner.  


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