Chris Bason

Account Director, UK



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+44 07901 106003


Based in London, England
Territory: United Kingdom

Although he’s currently living and working in London, Chris has lived in many countries including France, Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka, but his favorite country he’s ever visited is India. Before taking up his role at Global DMC Partners, Chris worked at companies such as Maritz, Grass Roots Meetings & Events and CWT Meetings & Events, and has held positions such as Operations Manager, Head of Events, and Account Director. What many people don’t know about Chris is that he’s also a DJ and a huge Tottenham Hotspurs fan, but even less people know that Chris also has an unusual hatred for weathermen & weatherwomen. We say it’s an unusual hatred because it doesn’t stem from the fact that they rarely get the weather prediction right, it’s because Chris can’t stand the fact that they can’t actually see what they’re pointing at on screen!