Maxime Greppi

Sales Coordinator



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Based in Las Vegas, NV

Maxime’s extensive work experience in dozens of industries paired with his passion for languages, translation, and interpreting make him a perfect fit as a Sales Coordinator at Global DMC Partners where he is interacting with so many different cultures day after day. He loves traveling, whether flying or road-tripping (especially camping), and his favorite places include Montreal, New York, Barcelona, Paris and Albi. He’s already visited a dozen countries and hopes to make it to 50+ one day. But, let’s hope Maxime doesn’t forget his Peach Snapple Iced Tea during all these future travels…he’s so obsessed with his all-time favorite drink that he “guesstimates” he’s spent about $10,000 on Peach Snapple Iced Tea across his lifetime.

P.S. Maxime hates the word guesstimate. What!?...We had to ;-)